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Because many homeowners may need a more affordable option or are willing or desire to do most of the work on their own – but are fearful of making wrong decisions or, worse yet, costly mistakes- we have a Your Design Partner service available.

 Much like our initial client consultation, we schedule a pre-paid two-hour meeting where we provide you with definitive information –a simple floor plan with notes, a list of resources and suppliers of where to go and explore your options and answer any questions you have – giving you the clarity and confidence to move forward in your project. Insuring that you continue to feel that clarity and confidence as you move ahead. We also offer follow-up hourly coaching meetings, whether they be at your residence, over the phone or through email, to ensure that you are able to create a stunning and functional space to be proud of!

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Don’t put your project off because you don’t know where to start. Call Solara Designs to feel more confident and focused on your project, confident you are making the right decisions!!

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